D66D QSL cards

D66D QSL cards

D66D presentation 25/10/2016 by OK1GK

Part of D66D team had opportunity to attend Pavel OK1GK presentation about D66D.

pictures by OK1CSS

2nd picture gallery

This time pictures from OK1GK

First picture gallery

My friends prepared already few photo  galleries which will be uploaded soon. First one is here:

Donations, busted calls request correction, OQRS – LOTW

We would like to first thank you for all incoming donations. Those generously received funds we devote for activation of another rare countries. We are very glad for every USD received for our DX pedition team.

David OK6DJ is person responsible for all post DX pedition communication with HAM community. Namely David prepares list of received donations . Each individual busted call request will be carefully checked regarding time/mode and similar call sign in log.

All OQRS direct will be soon sent to LOTW.  We have received approx 350 as of today various requests, OQRS etc. We expect that all post DX pedition communication will be solved within next 30 days.


Antenna/radio setup update

During operation we used several radios and antennas:
Radios: 3 x K3 (one worked partially), 1 x TS-480
160/80/40 – HI Z 4 RX receiving system
160m – inverted L, mast 18m
80m – vertical, mast 18m
40m – vertical
30m – vertical, dipole – dipole was 1s stronger
20m-10m  2x Spiderbeam
15m – VDA15
20m – VDA20
Cables: Over 500 mtrs
PA:  RF Power, KPA 500, RM italy
During operation all PC interworked, sw Wintest
Unfortunately internet connectivity was poor only few hours a day and very slow if any

Last days of operation

Our activity will be soon over.  We have focused mainly on radion operation and left not so much time to update FB and WWW. FB pages were updated more often as it is relatively easy from mobiles we have. More complicated was www pages where we need reliable connectivity.

Today we will pack first spiderbeam and some other antennas but still we will operate through night till tomorrow morning where we expect last QSO and will start packing.

73 P