Wednesday 23/09

Another day is over. All our antennas are now running. Pavel made last antenna for 15m – simple dipole which will be used for PSK mainly. Total setup is as follows:
20-10 incl WARC 2 x SPIDERBEAM
Vertical N1 30m/40m
Vertical N2 160m/80m
RX system for low bands

Unfortunately RX system is not running as we expected, but you can’t expect miracles in capital Harare 🙂

Our operation desk is next to kitchen, originally planned as dining room. We are eating on outside house terrace or in kitchen


Power supply is big issue here. We were told by landlord that they never has such problems with power cuts. Today electricity was on just from 02 till approx 05 am and rest day was off. Now at 8 pm is running again. Consequence is operation on power generator mainly. Home lights and fridge is backed up by 6 accumulators each 105 AH, but even those were discharged… last night when we not used generator went house into complete dark.

WX is fine 🙂 It recalls me summer home. Through day 27 -29C over night 13-15C.  Sunrise here is approx 15min after 5 am local time, but dark is soon after 5pm.


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