Became a licensed ham in the early 1990’s after many years of seeing my dad around radios and antennas. I come from a family of ham radio operators including my dad and grandfather (HK3CN). I am a CW enthusiast, and collector of telegraph keys. I have operated as 5J9A & 5K9AQ, (Amazon river DXP’s) OA/5J9A, PY8/5J9A, YS1/HJ3PXA, and 5K0CW (160 CW contest) and member of the  5J0R DXP to San Andrés. I also worked as same contests from HK1NA. Previously held callsigns include: HJ3PXA, and HK3PXA. I have achieved DXCC Honor Roll (CW and Mixed), and have 337(341) confirmed entities. Current call: HK3CW.

DX Operations

5J0R (2013- San Andres DXP –

5K0CW (2009 – 160 mts CQWW)

5K9AQ (Colombian Amazon River DXP)

5J9A (Amazon River DXP)