Liberia 2024

Dates:  Arrival : April 05th, Departure : April 19th 2024

TIme schedule: building/limited on air activities April 06-08th, full operation planned from April 09th till 16th , dismantling/limited on air activities April 18,19th 2024

Call sign:  A8OK

Operators: Petr OK1BOA, Petr OK1FCJ, Palo OK1CRM, Pavel OK1GK , Ruda OK2ZA, Ludek OK2ZC, Karel OK2ZI, David OK6DJ

Operation modes:  SSB, CW, RTTY , FT8, FT4, PSK

Bands:  160-6m, 60m including! + QO-100 + RS-44 + IO-117

Based on the local internet availability, we plan to use Club Log Live Stream wherever it will be possible. Our Live Stream link


Radios:  1x Elecraft K3, 2x Kenwood TS480HX  , 1x SunSDR2DX, 1x SunSDR PRO, 4x Icom 705 , 1x Yeasu FTdx10  

PA:  JUMA PA1000 6x, Expert 1x  

Antennas: 6m  5el. YAGI, 10m 4el. Yagi,   10-15-20 incl WARC 3 x Spiderbeam, 17/15/12m 2el. YAGI, 2x 30m phased verticals, 2x40m phased verticals,  80m  vertical + 10 pcs radials, 160 vertical +10pcs radials RX: 3x Beverage + RX vertical  Focus on low bands

Rules for GREENCUBE (IO-117) Satellite Users & RS-44 Satellite Users

Band plan