Z21 news from Harare

We arrived smoothly on early Sunday morning. Early morning we start up building first spider beam. Afternoon we build  2 verticals one for 30m and second one for 40m.

Biggest problem so far are scheduled power cuts. Upon arrival we were told it is happening every day. On Sunday power cut occured 10 am and and we got power again approx 11 pm!!! after 13  hours without power supply. We were glad to rent generator and which we use very intensively since that. Power cuts are scheduled. See please here power cuts.

Yesterday Sunday we build another spider beam, now has 2 antennas 20-10 including WARC. Due to low propagation, there is nothing to do on 10m and not much on 12m.  Another antenna we build was vertical 80m/160m and special RX system. RX system so far is not working as we expected and we are deaf on low bands 160/80 and also on 40m. We will try to look into that again, but so far just on vertical 40m we heard few strongest stations crunching local band QRM S5-S7.

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