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QSO director

I have great privilege to announce QSO  Director will partner our DX pedition.I approached A65DC, Martin and he gladly setup 5v7 DX director web page. BIG THANK YOU to Martin and Keli for their fabulous app.


Here is QSO director link  


On Tuesday 11th we made pre departure meeting. David arrived to Petr QTH at 08:20 and we tested wintest, network, radios and packed all antennas. As usual we do not have enough luggages allowance. 4 x 23kg (each has 2 luggages per person on Air France). We have had to purchase another 23kg for 320 EUR. Hobby DX pedition is not cheap one.

On picture below HexBeam, SpiderBeam and all verticals in third long package. We calculated to have only 5kgs per person on personal items like t-shirts etc… rest is devoted to hobby

5V7 Club Log Most Wanted

Togo most wanted
Most wanted cw
93. 5V7 TOGO world
84. 5V7 TOGO North America
76. 5V7 TOGO Asia
117 5V7 TOGO Europe
North Amerika
160 m 87
80m. 109
40m. 124
30m. 141
160 m. 98
80 m. 115
40 m. 71
30 m. 136
160 m. 144
80 m. 147
40 m. 122
30 m. 105
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Visum granted

Visum issue is not easy part either. We have to sent both passports to consulate in foreign country. Well after 2 weeks we got it back. It took us few calls and emails.  Same experience with french language. Without its knowledge is difficult

5V7 license granted

Issue of 5V7 license took us 5 months. We initiated discussion with local authority begin of November 2016. License was granted middle of March. Thanks to GOOGLE translator we were able to „write“ french. Licese was issued middle of March