QSL Manager & Contact

David Beran
Dolni Kamenice 55
34562 Holysov
Czech Republic


Please use Clublog’s excellent OQRS to request your Direct or Bureau  QSLs for all DXpedition. Please do NOT send cards through the Bureau or through the mail. Use OQRS instead! It’s so much easier, faster and cheaper.

QSL via OK6DJ/ OQRS Clublog/direct/Lotw/eqsl, buro

QSL info : 5V7P, D66D,  Z21MG, PJ5/OL8R, XT26DJ,  XT2FCJ,  ZA/OK6DJ

1. OQRS – direct QSO to LOTW send every month

2. DIRECT – minimum 3 Usd or new 2 IRC – accept expiring end 2017 – QSO to LOTW , Eqsl.cc send 6. months

3. No stamps accepted

4. Lotw, Eqsl.cc – upload all qso  6 months

5. OQRS via buro 6 months

6. Paper QSL via buro 12 months

EMAIL antsat (at) atlas (dot) cz  


Group email to team members: info(at)cdxp.cz

5T Photo gallery by OK1GK

5T5OK gallery by OK1GK

5T5 team

5T5 team

OK2ZI update

Greetings to all readers,

operation continues mainly on RTTY in CQ WW RTTY. There are about 3000 connections in the RTTY log.
David OK6DJ enjoys opening the band 10M to NA.

At 160M at night were relatively good conditions for NA. We made about 200 connections.The most interesting HL5IVL, KH6AT and KH6DX. There are a number of stations from W6 and W7.

Yesterday the band opened 50MHz and made 67 connections mainly to EA and CT.

At 160m there is 1225 qso in log. Total number of QSO approx 28.000

So we can continue to repair beverage in the EU.

For all of 5T5OK Karel OK2ZI

Update from OK2ZI Saturday late afternoon

160m conds yesterday were poor. In addition, we had to interrupt operation due to strong wind. the anchors from the cap’s hat were torn off by t and could not be repaired at night.

We did the repair right now. We still have to repair the beverage on NA and EU. There is still a strong wind from either the sea or from the Sahara. Everything is covered with a sticky mixture of fine sand and salt.

Two stations are QRV in CQ WW RTTY. The rest of the team continuously repairs or broadcasts on free antennas.

The log is 24,000 QSO and about 1,000 QSO in the WW RTTY

Expedition update by OK2ZI

Dx pedition continues successfully. 160m are over 900 contacts in the log during last 3 days. We managed to stretch and put into operation 3 beverage antennas east, EU and USA.

The antenna in the EU is broken every night, so we have to go through it, check it and connect it before dark.

Do please check your call here https://secure.clublog.org/charts/?c=5T5OK#r log if you made us DO NOT CALL PLEASE AGAIN same band/mode. You block others to contact us.

We have over 22,000 connections in the log.

This weekend we will go CQ WW RTTY in the M / 2 LP category. Rest of the operators wil work to the other bands.

5T beverage antennas

5T beverages

new antennas

Antennas already setup:

80m, 60m, 30m verticals

40m 4SQ

Hexbeam 20-10m

Spiderbeam 20-10

5el. YAGI 6m

We are still without missing luggage with 270m coax cable, connectors, headphones and beverage sticks.

Unfortunately conds on higher bands are not good. On lower is typical African QRN.

Worst situation is on 30m after sunset QRM rose dramaticaly. We can copy only strongest stations

Changes in the 5T team

Unfortunately due to various reasons we are facing changes in our team. Jean 5T0JL silent key, honorary member of our DX pedition team. Ruda OK2ZA broke his both ankles just two weeks ago and Petr OK1FCJ for family reason cant join either 5T team