QSL Manager & Contact

David Beran
Dolni Kamenice 55
34562 Holysov
Czech Republic


Please use Clublog’s excellent OQRS to request your Direct or Bureau  QSLs for all DXpedition. Please do NOT send cards through the Bureau or through the mail. Use OQRS instead! It’s so much easier, faster and cheaper.

QSL via OK6DJ/ OQRS Clublog/direct/Lotw/eqsl, buro

QSL info : 5V7P, D66D,  Z21MG, PJ5/OL8R, XT26DJ,  XT2FCJ,  ZA/OK6DJ

1. OQRS – direct QSO to LOTW send every month

2. DIRECT – minimum 3 Usd or new 2 IRC – accept expiring end 2017 – QSO to LOTW , Eqsl.cc send 6. months

3. No stamps accepted

4. Lotw, Eqsl.cc – upload all qso  6 months

5. OQRS via buro 6 months

6. Paper QSL via buro 12 months

EMAIL antsat (at) atlas (dot) cz  


Group email to team members: info(at)cdxp.cz

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